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Irish Field Archery FederationThe Irish Field Archery Federation (IFAF) was formed in 1992 and was set-up to promote the sport of Field Archery within the island of Ireland.

IFAF is affiliated to the International Field Archery Association (IFAA). The International Field Archery Association is an amateur sports association that was founded in 1970 and represents over 60,000 field archers in more than 45 member countries from worldwide.

Being a member of IFAF not only enables archers to enjoy the sport domestically but also to participate in their sport at an international level thus strengthening the ties within the ‘family of archers’ on a worldwide basis.

As a member of IFAF archers can enjoy the sport domestically as well a internationally. This diversity promotes the social aspect of the sport, strengthening the ties within the ‘family of archers’ at home and abroad.

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Again, welcome to IFAF, below you can find links to our latest posts. Please keep checking back and follow our Facebook page for updates about our organisation, shoots that our members have attended and any other important information.

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