The Irish Field Archery Federation is affiliated to the International Field Archery Association which provides a set of tried and tested rules. This means that any affiliated group doesn't have to make up its own. It allows IFAF members to shoot internationally and enter such competition with the correct equipment for the style they shoot, with a classification appropriate to their skill, and knowing the rules of play.
However, in all other circumstances, e.g. club shoots, IFAF members are not bound by the IFAA rounds and can, within all IFAF safety rules, recognise or devise any rounds and styles to suit themselves.

For Application forms and training information see MEMBERSHIP


  HERE  for The IFAF Bye Laws
  HERE  for The Memorandum and Articles of Association of IFAF Limited
   Certificate Of Insurance (Insurance Cover Note)
   HERE  for the Certificate Of Insurance. Note that Business Travel is not covered, so ignore any references to it.
   HERE  for the Combined Schedule Of Insurance.
  HERE  for the Insurance notes
  HERE  for the IFAA Code of Conduct at archery events
  HERE  for the IFAF Policy on Social Networking
  HERE  for the IFAA rules (2013). PDF format
  HERE  for the IFAA Archers Handbook [rules]. PDF format

Health and Safety

  HERE  for the IFAF Code of Conduct for Children's Sport (100K)
  HERE  for Parent/Guardian consents form
  HERE  for IFAF Health and Safety Guidelines (26K)