Loughcrew Archers 36T Hybrid SBG
30 Jan 2011

Well if wasn't for the company I had on Sunday I would be a bit disappointed. (ed - what?) So many thanks to DD,MM,and JC for a brilliant day. The craic was excellent as was the banter. A big thanks to {The old man if the north} Don,and Pat, Mark, Sean and all the crew from Loughcrew for a testing course. Looking forward to next one already
Thomas, Na Laoch Dall

Numbers, numbers ! How to cope with the numbers. I thought a shoot in January might attract about 50 to 60 competitors at most, so the stress level rose a tad as folk kept rolling in to the tune of 77. Maybe next time I'll print up scoresheets for 80 and get 100 turning up - or 20 !
I don't think that pre-registration is the answer, although any club, of course, is welcome to give it a try. It's just a case of being ready and able to cope with whatever numbers turn up.
Anyway, thanks to all who came and showed patience during registration, and I hope you all enjoyed yourselves.
Don P

Another great shoot ! Good company, plenty of laughs and HEATING !!! Well done !
One request for next shoot - a flushing loo please !
Clodagh. Dundrody Archers.

"Toll Bridge for Cork Archers" indeed !
After much soul searching Helen and I passed over the Bridge. The stress effected my game - that's my story and I'm sticking to it.
A great day, well run event, heated assembly points and good company all
Spoiled by the victimisation of Cork Archers. What did we ever do to Loughcrew?
We will be back in force later in the year and look forward to an equally enjoyable shoot.
Dave & Helen




Photos by Don P, Marjan B and Michael Hambly