18 x 2 3D SBG 27th February 2011

Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah Zip-A-Dee-A…. My, oh my, what a wonderful day…
Well, what can I say about yesterday's shoot without sounding biased? Nothing, so here goes anyway:
To all at IAC: well done on hosting another superb SBG. The new course was a pleasure to shoot. You’re a very lucky club indeed to have such lovely woods. Honestly, they’re one of my top two ‘away’ woods!
As I said following my last visit in June 2010, every target on the course is 'hittable'; the trick is to gauge each one correctly and don’t let your arrow fly until you’re sure (to be sure!) which is what I did yesterday.
I’m absolutely thrilled with my win on so many levels; my first gold gain at the ‘new’ (2009) distance, to have broken the 500-mark (both for myself and as the first BHR lady at the 'new' distance), to have achieved a new PB score and to have set a new record for the ladies Bowhunter Recurve (sorry H)
Last but not least, a big “thank you” to Helen O’Connell and Pat Mangan … you were a dream group to traverse the course with. Let's do it, again, soon! Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah Zip-A-Dee-A... Wonderful feeling, wonderful Day…
Lynn, Dunbrody Archers

Well done to all at IAC for a brilliant shoot. Amazing course, great weather,and no backstops. This course for me was the best course i have ever shot in SBG. The layout was "spot on"; all the targets were natural to the eye but challenging to the mind. Great prizes and the pleasure of shooting with Pat Gaynor and James Moore made my day. A special word for the 3 young girls from IAC who went around taking photos without any drama or fuss. Well done
Thomas, Na Laoch Dall

Eric and his team have done it again. We had a great day out. Dry course, thoughtfully challenging shots, good company and fine weather.
Gabi kept everything on the rails , the camerazzi trio were charming and the organiser actually got to shoot.
The competitors responded with their best effort and one almost-forgotten-in-the-results lady set a record that will be hard to beat. We might be in for a highly competitive year ( are the ladies about to follow Helen's lead and challenge the men in their respective classes? )
Well done to everyone and thanks.
PatMcK, John and Keith, Dunbrody.

Brilliant shoot as anticipated.... great company in Xavier .. Lauren and Eimhin ..Bert and Lilly (four legged supporters).. .... .. looking forward to your next day out.
Helen K

A Big Thank You!!!!!
To all who turned up to shoot in our first event of the year.
What a day that was, it was a pleasure to be involved in such a great day.
Thanks to the hard work of all the IAC members the day passed without a problem, Great Job! well done!
The course posed many challenges with plenty of optical tricks and lots of variations in shots and I would love to say it was all my doing but I had help from our other course setter Colm Murphy who exceeded himself.
Even though the course was challenging two people put in fantastic scores - Lynn Ellingworth smashed the Irish female BH(R) record and came in with the same score as the top male BH(R) (A FIRST IN IFAF HISTORY) WHOOOOOOOO!!!! Watch out guys - who know what will happen in the future.
Congrats to Sean Crowe who equaled the BH(C) record. I'm sure the record will be broken by him before the end of the season.
On behalf of the IAC I thank you for your support and hope you all got home safely.
Roll on the next IAC shoot in May. We have planned a new course and you are in for a treat. Let's hope we can do as good the next time!!!
The positive feedback is a great inspiration, so don't worry, we won't let you down.
Eric IAC.




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