Na Laoch Dall

A great big success for Na Loch Dall !
Thomas and Martin have hosted another great shoot with some of the most testing shots that I have seen. They all seemed so simple !.....This is what I kept saying whilst raking the ground looking for arrows !
A special congrats to Andy Wayland, I said that you would do it and no one would take the bet.
Looking forward to the next shoot at Na Loch Dall lads. Well done
Andy Vagg

First I must say a huge thank you to Martin, Marty, Jp, David, Judith and Paul for helping to design and build the course. Lots of work resulted in a really good shoot.
To all the competitors, you made our day. Faces of joy and despair (lost/broken arrows). To those who could not make it to our shoot we look forward to seeing you at our next shoot in June.
For the critics, we will take on board your points of view. To all those who received medals - well done - you deserve them. To all those who travelled from around the country, thank you for your support. Those of you who shot your first UAR 28 we hope it gives you a taste for more.
A huge WELL DONE to "Fergal the Slayer" for breaking the irish record in Unmarked Animal Round CMBH(R)
Thomas, Na Laoch Dall

Had a fantastic time. Great shoot and good company with the three Daves for the day. Loved the new 3Ds and it felt good to shoot an international round again. Thomas and crew well done and looking forward to visiting again
Regards, Aidan Wrenne

A splendid Job!!!
Lions and Tigers (what next me thinks). I looked all day but I couldn't find the group 5 Elephant!!!!! and boy did I need one. I can't blame myself totally for all the near misses but I can put it down to the tricky ************* pair that masterfully used every shot position to trick and torment us for the day.
(Should-a would-a could-a!!!) was being discussed in detail by many people after the shoot but I have to say to you guys well done!!!! The Shot positions were spot on, the optical illusions and use of background was perfect.
Fantastic 3D targets too; nice to shoot ( that's my excuse anyway) - great weather and a great atmosphere.
A great day out to be remembered for all the right reasons.
Many thanks to all in Na lough Dall.
Eric IAC

Lovely weather, lovely woods, lovely targets, lovely shots, lovely company, lovely atmosphere, lovely everything...
Thomas, Martin and crew at Na Laoch Dall have to be commended for hosting such an enjoyable shoot.
Noteable memories, -that impressive colourful tiger which everyone would love to own and have in their back yard... the big standing stag, the intimidating standing brown bear, and then that little duck on the tree.... don't know what he was doing there (exept dancing around many archers arrows). The targets looked well in the chosen positions.
Personally My Yumi long bow stood up to the challenge and I for one was a happy archer on the day. Well done to all who shot well.
The raffle was packed with nice interesting prizes. This was my first visit to this course and it surpassed my expectations.
looking forward to the next shoot, whatever format it may be. Congrats Na Laoch Dall!
Andrew Wayland, Dunbrody Archers



Photos by Don P and ?