Littlewood SBG

Water water everywhere and all the scores did shrink! Well at least they did for me!
What a day we had in Littlewood on Sunday, it was a laugh a minute shooting with Don P, Martin Hand and Pat Smyth.
I have never been so wet and unprepared, and boy did I learn a lot. Note to self (buy new boots that don't leak and waterproof skin.)
Thanks to Pat for kitting me out with dry clothes. I owe you big time. Please send me the washing instructions!!!!!!!
Congrats to Don for teaching me a lesson I won't forget in a hurry. What did you put in Don's tea Roy? He wiped the floor with me on the last 5 targets.
I always love going to Littlewood and this time was no exception. There is always a great welcome and great atmosphere and even though it rained most of the day the craig was mighty and the Sun even came out to dry us off at the end.
I would like to say Thankyou to Seamus, Roy and all the gang at Littlewood for a great day out. Looking forward to your next shoot already - lets hope the weather is better and if not I will still be there.
Great job guys, a day to remember!
Eric / IAC

Yes, I agree with Eric. I got wettish and also very cold at one stage and I, like many other soggy souls, had decided to pack in. However, a quick cup of tea with lots of sugar and a glimpse of the sun changed my mind, so I sallied forth and wreaked havoc.
The scores reflected the conditions, with only 9 gains made.
God bless Seamus or whoever it was to get that extra tent up by half time - it saved the day.
Don, Loughcrew Archers

Well done to Roy and Seamus and all at Littlewood archers for putting on a very interesting shoot - great craic and banter, warm friendly welcome as usual, very nice well laid out course with some very tricky shots, very easy to navigate.
Great use of the sprinkler system. Very nice medals. That was a nice touch lads with the raffle. Looking forward to the your next shoot.
Thanks to Don, Martin and Eric for a very entertaining day's shooting !!!!!! I hope Eric hasn’t stretched my spare clothes too much. Maybe they will "shrink back in the wash“ Hand wash only.
Pat Smyth Willowhill Archers




Photos by Don and Seamus

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