Loughcrew Archery Weekend

Thanks to all at Loughcrew for putting on a wonderful shoot on Sunday. Unfortunately I couldn't make both days, for which I am most sorry, based on how much I enjoyed the 40 target shoot. It was a real treat to shoot in amongst the 'red woods'. Can you please use that bit of the woods at your next shoot so everyone can have a crack at the best shot EVER!?! (Those who made it up know what I'm talking about; everyone else'll just have to wait and see... hopefully!).
Special thanks to Martin and Marjan for fabricating the nicest trophies I've see in Ireland, so far. I love my squirrel. ;-)
Lynn, Dunbrody

Heya Guys,
We would like to congratulate you to a fantastic weekend.
The Hunting Trail was a great experience and should be repeated more often (maybe use slightly bigger targets next time :). The animals were all in a very nice setting and sometimes hidden so much that without the proper sunshine you couldn't make them out. Really great stuff :) ...
The Clout Shoot was also a new experience for us and we enjoyed it very much. I could hardly believe how much I overshot the last target (I believe 130 yards?) with my simple 30pound bow :) ... it was a fun experience and we should have at least one of those per year :)
It was a shame that only so few people turned up for Saturday.... as the weather was nice, the company lovely as usual and the shooting events were sooo much fun :)
Sunday turned out to be a lot of fun as well, even though the weather did let us down... but we had a great group (Thanks Sean and Pat) and enjoyed the course very much.... Best shot in my opinion was the long distance Bear target... very tricky and if you were not very very careful you ended up with your arrows high in the trees :) .... but a great experience.
Thanks for all the effort you put in to get this weekend going smoothly and I really hope if you do it again that more people will turn up as it was a great weekend.
All the best
Gabi+Alex (IAC)


Photos by Mark Mangan, Seamus Reilly, Martin McCabe & Don P

More pictures by Martin McCabe HERE

Saturday Clout shoot

Saturday Hunting Trail

Saturday Stalls

Exibition of work of Con Connor

Saturday Prizegiving