Na Laoch Dall - 19 June 2011 - IFAA Unmarked Animal Round

First I will say a huge thanks to Martin, David, Paul, Judith, and Fergal the Slayer for all the work in preparing for this shoot. For us it was well worth the effort. A special thanks to Michael Evans and Paul Quirke of the W.I.T Sports Campus for allowing us on their Campus to host this shoot. The venue was amazing.
To Martin Moylain and David Sinnott for their help ,thank you also.
To all those who competed your support is very much appreciated. To those who got high scores - well done, your reward for the quality of your Archery was your scores.
To those of you who lost /broke arrows we will try our hardest to recover them for you.
Our objective was to design a course to give a flavor of International 28 TGT UAR and I think we achieved our objective. The mixture of open pasture and deciduous woodland we think worked really well.
We are already at the planning state for our next shoot, which may be at a different venue.
Once again a BIG thanks to all.
Thomas & Martin, Na Laoch Dall

To all at La Naoch Dall
What a day. Great craic, great targets, great weather. What more could you ask for ......?
Targets in the open; never have I shot these. But it made me think more than twice about my aim.
Hope theres more to come in the next few shoots,
Thanks for a great day
Mark Daly

Hi all,
It was like ‘Déjà  view’ on  Sunday ....were we back in Austria or Wit Waterford..... great shoot ...great venue.... a good  trial run for Italy......when and where is the next one guys.... a must for those intending to travel to Italy...  overall a job well done.
Helen K

Thanks to all at Na Laoch Dall. The combined efforts from the members men and boy to their associated helpers (girls and lady) you all did a terrific job setting-out a brand new course and running a very smooth shoot at the wonderful WIT.
The course, described as a "leveller" for all those competing was very much that; records were set for great scores but more records were set for lost and broken arrows (3 and 4, respectively by me!). Nevertheless it was a grand day out. I can't wait for the next offering from you all.
Lynn, Dunbrody Archers

An Absolute superb days archery on Sunday with Na Loch Dall archery club - well done lads, the bar has now being raised a couple of notches. The craic as usual was mighty especially around the practice but I think most of us can now tell how fast our arrows go.
Great use of the college grounds with shots in the wooded areas, open areas, down lanes, through open gates, even the bear was placed near a sneaky gate we could not see from the peg.
The shuttle hi ace after lunch was much appreciated taking us as close as possible to our starting target. It was great to come home with all the arrows I started with and a bottle of wine from the raffle. WHAT NEXT ??????????????
Pat Smyth Willow Hill Archery Club

Hats off to Na Lough Dall.
Sunday's shoot was for most of us a mind boggling array of shot choices most of which were in the open and thank God some in the forest.
This was a thinking person's shoot and boy was my head hurting. One mistake and you could kiss goodbye to your arrow and score. We started in the open and had plenty of Father Ted moments( was it a small animal far away or a large one????) but we managed to get our heads around it after the first 14 targets.
Stepping back into the forest was like being surrounded by a blanket of green making us feel at home again but the shots were still tricky. (Great practice for Italy 2012 me thinks!)
This shoot reminded me of Austria and was a welcome change and a great challenge to all that had the pleasure of shooting in it. There was a fantastic atmosphere at the end as we all sat on the grass soaking up the sun waiting for the awards.
I would like to say a big thank you to all from Na Lough Dall for putting together a fantastic course and giving us a great day out. Roll on the next shoot. I can't wait to see what you will have in store for us.
Well done to all who took part. Thank you for a day to remember.
Eric / IAC.



Photos by Thomas C and Eric K