Limerick 36T Hybrid SBG

This was my first visit to the Yeomen of Limerick and I had heard "Horror Stories" of the uphill downhill course
And they were True stories. Blistered heels and toes are proof. The downhill shots were difficult to judge the uphill shots were just as deceiving, and bloody more deceiving !
Fantastic weather and an absolute pleasure to shoot with Pat, Mark, and, Hannah "hiccup" Mc Kevitt.
The course for me was a pleasure to shoot, although testing to negotiate/navigate.
A good score here is a good judge of your commitment to your Archery. 6 points between 1st and 3rd place in AMBH(R). Excellent !!
Personally I think this course would make a perfect 28 tgt Alpine course.
Thanks to Jim for the lift from KK to the shoot and back and thanks to Limerick Yeomen for a very enjoyable day.
Thomas, Na Laoch Dall

This was my first SBG shooting Trad. Starting again like some beginner looking for my first Bronze Gain.
When I went around this course on the inspection I had nightmare premonition of having to retire from the shoot with an empty quiver, leaving eight nice new wooden arrows broken to bits, stuck up trees or buried in the ground.
In the event I was chuffed to bits to go neck and neck with that lovely fella Seamus Reilly; on both courses it was down to the last target. Seamus is always great entertainment, as was computer assisted Jim W, and my young charge Martin's game went up more than a few notches.
All this, plus the fantastic weather, made this a shoot to remember
Don P, Loughcrew




Photos by Don, Seamus and from Wilhelm