Donegal 18 x 2 3D SBG

31st July

The Donegal shoot was the most enjoyable SBG this year. Great fun; very tricky targets especially the flying birds. Could do without the rat blending in with the background!!!!. Great layout on targets. Belt buckle prizes are amazing. Can't wait till the next Donegal shoot.
Maureen & Brendan Walsh , Dunbrody

I arrived on Saturday along with some IAC stalwarts who proceeded to behave as though it wasn't raining. The midges were out in force so things didn't look good for the next day. Our fears were groundless, as on Sunday the midges went off to wherever midges go (where DO they go?) and the rain stayed off until hometime.
The Donegal course is great because although it's on the side of a hill you shoot your way to the top of the hill and then shoot your way down again, like the Duke of York.
Donal runs an event in a manner so relaxed it borders on anarchy but, it all works out smooth and glitch free and most enjoyable.
A great job setting up this course and Donegal's helpers can give themselves a pat on the back
Don P




Photos by Mark & Pat Mangan & Don P