Littlewood 20 x 2 Variety Shoot

14th August

That's exactly what the doctor ordered!!!! A BIG thank you to all in Littlewood for a fantastic fun day out. We really enjoyed the mind boggling array of "what comes next" shots. After the first target we all knew we were in for a treat, and boy, did you deliver BIG TIME.
This shoot reminded me of why I joined IFAF. Everyone who had the pleasure of taking part will agree, I'm sure, when I say "more fun shoots please!"
Hats off to the crew at Littlewood for all their hard work.
My first Trad shoot with my magic bow and arrows that almost guided themselves into the target. Thanks to Harry for getting the gear spot on.
A day to remember, great group!!!!!, lovely weather and, as usual, great banter.
From all at IAC we can't wait for the next one. Well done!
Eric, IAC.

You have to take your hats off to Seamus and Roy. Whatever help they had, this was still basically a two man operation. This course was built from scratch.
Plan the course, lug out the targets and set them up, make some crazy rules, place the pegs, fix direction arrows, etc etc and then, run the shoot.
These are guys who must either really love the sport or are completely bonkers.
Great praise for their hard work and I'm sure all the competitors appreciate their efforts.
Stay bonkers, guys.
Don P



Photos by Don P & Seamus R

Shot of the day !