Mayo PICK 'n' MIX

Well done to Mayo, We camped over night with Don P and Patrick and survived the Mayo Monsoon to be part of what can only be called the most novel shoot I have ever been at.
If you have ever heard the saying "Shooting fish in a barrel" you should try the crocodile ! Then there were the minus point shots, and finally the 2d Ogres and monsters with kill zones the size of tomatoes! Harald, you must have a strange mind to design these shots old mate...........Please don't change !
Richie and Cornelia did a great job organizing and providing hot drinks and judging by the smiles the biggest winner of the day was Archery, closely followed by Fun,
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Andy and Frank ( HYSTERICAL archers )

Gabi and myself would just say that the shoot in Mayo was just fantastic, as usual with the shoots of the Mayo Crowd :)
Very creative in regards to targets and from our perspective the changes between the target rules were very entertaining.
It kept you on your toes as well as the positioning of the targets. They were all challenging but not impossible.
Basically, a shoot like that is what Field Archery should be all about: Fun, Fun and Fun :)
Thanks again to all of the Mayo Crowd for a very enjoyable day.
Gabi&Alex, IAC



Photos by Don P and Harry

Shot of the day