Limerick Archers Hybrid SBG

Well, those optimistic amongst us decided to travel to Boarmanshill in the hope that it would not rain all day, and a convoy made their way up from Dunbrody.
Dull as it may have been with buckets of rain water lodged in the trees, it did not rain throughout and after one or two downpours followed by the onset of fog for the afternoon, it made for an interesting shoot. The course was interesting as the target were well placed optimising the hills & dips. Although the ground afoot was slippery to very slippery in places especially on the slopes, archers were well aware of this and travelled with due care and caution.
In the afternoon a fog descended and this totally transformed the views of many of the targets, increasing the challenge significantly. Great special effects indeed guys...
The shoot was thoroughly enjoyable, Well done to all the Limerick team who with the aid of Eric & Pat ensured we had a good day of shooting on this altered course.
A special well done to Paul (Phillpot) who shot exceptionally well to secure a coveted “Star” standard, very impressive Paul. Also great stuff to the young Dunbrody trio Rebecca, Adam & Sam who successfully mastered the course.
Thanks to Alex (Jude), Pat (Senior) and Martin (Murphy) for their good hunour, and great company. (we wont mention Pat's timely jokes!) :Andrew
A big thanks to Sarah (Twomey) for an enjoyable day throughout. :Sonja.
Till next time ... and again congrats Limerick Yeomen!
Andrew & Sonja (Dunbrody Archers)

Well done Tom and all the Limerick Yeomen Archers for putting on a really good shoot. The redesigned course was not easy but it was interesting and a challenge. The peg locations were difficult but then that's field archery - "Make The Shot".
This was a shoot of two halves; wet and humid in the morning, warm and foggy in the afternoon. The fog provided conditions and a shooting atmosphere that could not be bought - Stags in the mist etc..
Thanks to Andrew, Alex and Martin for making this shoot one of my most enjoyable ever. The craic was mighty. You could say we shot a virgin forest ( they'll know....)."Martins Wall" and Alex's pirouette at the owl shot etc. etc. etc.
Well done again Limerick
Pat Senior and Willow Hill Archers

To all who helped in putting this shoot together - a job well done.
We all had a great day out in Limerick and enjoyed the flow of the new course (not as hard on the old legs this time) with plenty of challenging and interesting shots.
A great atmosphere all through the day with the majority of people relaxed and happy to be out and about.
The shoot ran like clockwork and traveling back in the car on the way home we all agreed we are looking forward to the next installment from Limerick Yeoman.
Thank you all for a great day out and see you soon at your next shoot.
Well Done!!!
From the IAC.

Many thanks to the Limerick Lads for a fine shoot. Well done, you deserve the respect of your fellow archers.
It's aparent a fair bit of work went into building the course, it was nicely laid out and a pleasure on which to loose a few arrows.
Again, well done and see you all soon.




Photos by Don P, Andrew W & Wilhelm P

Shots of the day