Black Dog - Clout Shoot + 28 Target 3D

Saturday afternoon found a bunch of enthusiastic archers in a stubble field outside Carrigaline for the clout shoot. Two flags were placed at differing distances, After some practice we faced 10 rounds of 4 arrows and a nice bit of exercise in between. It was a very enjoyable couple of hours with friendly rivalry and competition, and most archers were amazed at their level of consistancy. For some it was their first experience at shooting up in the air, and the airlines flying overhead added to the entertainment.
Lynn (Ellingworth) well managed to master this discipline by the end of her first ever clout shoot. A big thanks to John (Orr) for his adjudicating and scoring (and his patience)...
It was a very friendly atmosphere and a memorable experience and hopefully more clubs will host such events where people can experience the dynamics of their arrows in elevated flight. The weather stayed fine for the event, as Dave (Lester) definitely wished at least one very ominous dark cloud away. (ps once again apologies Kuba for that arrow: Andrew)

Day two was the 28 target unmarked animal round at Black Dog's course and a second fine day lead to another exceptional experience.
It was great to see targets in new locations, most notably the open shots in the clearing which provided quite a challenge. The ground underfoot was nice and dry, the atmosphere was great, with lots of smiles at the end which showed that the day was a good success... and nice shooting with you Frank (Flaherty).
As traditional archers it was great to see a very high ratio of wooden arrow shooters present.

So a brilliant two days, just what field archery should be about.
Hats off to John, Helen, Dave and all at Black Dog. (also Thomas - Na laoch Dall). Looking forward to our next visit.
Andrew & Sonja (Dunbrody)

The weather was perfect for us. The shots had great variety. What looked easy turned out to be very challenging - 4 blanks on my part.
The course flowed beautifully. The most enjoyable day's shooting this year. Lots of thanks to the group I was in - John, Michel, Matt.
Parts of the course had been deforested and this added to the challenge. I still think the standing wolf was too far away and the pheasant, the stag and the bedded stag. Great shooting by some of our fellow archers in so many different styles.
Well done again
Thomas, Na laoch Dall

Well done to Black Dog. The 28 target unmarked animal round was a real treat. All the shots were well thought out and laid out in a way that made the course easy to negotiate. The weather was good and this added to the overall goodhearted enjoyable day that everybody had. The added bonus was that with only 28 targets everyone was on the road and away in good daylight, especially important for people like Harry and Cornelia with a 5 hour drive. Well done to everyone that put in the effort to hold this shoot
Andy V

What can I say . . . great course, great company, great craic! New course is very well laid out and enjoyable to shoot (if not a little deceptive at times). A huge well done to all involved in organizing and setting out the course, and all who helped the smooth running on the day.
The 28 target shoot was a welcome change from the SBG and meant we were all on the road home early in the day. Thanks to my group for the company on the way round.
Looking forward to the next one!
Nikki (Dunbrody Archers)

Day 1 - Clout Shoot
Well, what an experience! Talk about being out of my comfort zone... You want me to shoot how far? I've to raise my bow to 45 degrees or more??? And, quite surprisingly, how do I stop my arrows from going miles past the [150yd] flag!?!?
After 3 practice ends a further 4 more competition ends and a lot of advice from Harald H and Dave L I started to get the hang of it. For a girl who likes her points it was a long while before I broke the duck, but then I did, and I was happy-out and am hooked on this mad clout shooting business! I'll not be going native (getting a Trad bow) but I will treat myself to some 'proper' wooden arrows especially suited to the task. Roll on the next chance to shoot for the stars (or planes coming into land!)
Day 2 - International-esk unmarked animal
High praise indeed to Helen and John for setting out a brand new 28T course; the thought and effort put into the course setting was undeniable. The use of woodland; deciduous and fir, interspersed with open ground shots was a real treat. Everything was hittable... except when one got it wrong (cough). There was no need to brush-off one's acrobatics and/or yoga skills in addition to archery ones to 'make the shot'!
Genuinely, the entire course was a pleasure to shoot from end-to-end and the craic throughout the day was mighty! Peter W; it was a pleasure to meet and shoot with you. Elaine F it was lovely to shoot with you and learn so much [new] archery terminology! Brendan W, I'm not sure who pushed or pulled the other more but you're my new favourite to shoot with! ;-)
Looking forward to my next spin down to Black Dog immensely. Take it easy 'til the next time, folks!
Lynn, Dunbrody Archers

I would like to thank all of the Black Dogs and the visiting archers who contributed over the 2 days to making it a very enjoyable weekend of archery.
Well done to the dynamic duo, Andrew and Sonja who came first on both flag distances at Saturday's Clout.
The weather Sunday made for a very easy going 3D shoot, it should be mentioned that as the only junior, Brendan Walsh shot from all the adult pegs and still managed to put his Dad and Colm under pressure.
Finally, Thomas thank you for all of your assistance, Martin, David and all at Na Laoch Dall your support was truly appreciated.
John Orr, Chairman, Black Dog Archers



Photos by Eduard S and Harry H