Loughcrew Archers 36T Hybrid SBG

To everyone from Loughcrew who was involved with organising the shoot on Sunday; "thank you".
Your collective efforts did not go unnoticed and are very much appreciated. The amount of pre-planning and attention to detail was evident in the course itself, the smooth-running admin, the catering (esp. the pudding & custard! yummy!), the fires to heat the auld bones, a REAL loo!... and superb prizes (Mr McCabe/Ms Boers you're really excelling yourselves).
To my shooting-group, Sarah (Dunne) and Bairbre (O'Dwyer), thank you very much for your company throughout the day. It really is great to be back passing Sundays with bow in hand and arrows stuck in the target.... and, occasionally, the butt, the trees and the muck...!!!
Lynn, Dunbrody Archers

Another terrific day in Loughcrew. Rebecca was treated like a princess by Martin and Pat the whole day, with her bow being carried and her hands toasty warm with Martin's hand warmers. Thanks to them both for their company on the day. I think it was Pats “Paco Rabanne” that inspired my shooting. Well done to all at Loughcrew.
Sarah Twomey




Photos by Mark Mangan & Sarah Twomey

Also a link to U-tube video of the shoot HERE