Littlewood Hybrid SBG

This was my first time to Littlewood Archers and I really enjoyed the day. A huge thanks to the group I shot with for their patience with me in the afternoon. Michael, Anthony,and Dutch.
Registration was very efficient and a fresh mug of tea after a long drive was very welcome.
Thank you all
Thomas, Na Laoch Dall

The Littlewood SBG was a thoroughly enjoyable shoot. In nice weather, ideal for shooting arrows, it was great to see so many in attendance, the atmosphere was jovial, and the course was very cleverly laid out. I believe Seamus was responsible for the devious positions of certain targets. It was as if he placed a 3D, then dropped a pair of tree trunks in the shoot lane, grinning widely as he did so. It was like trying to score a goal before hitting the target!. A fine test for our talents indeed.
Well done Seamus, Roy, Tina, and all the gang at Littlewood who always put on a wonderful shoot that never disappoints. The woods itself are lovely, with a moss carpet, and terrain that is all flat, and dry.
Dunbrody had our usual sizable contingent up, and the craic was mighty, especially with our Ed present and his comedic timing. Thanks to my group companions Colm, Steven and Donal for an enjoyable day. And Catherine a big thanks for being my chauffeur. Looking forward to my next return to Littlewood. Cheers all.
Andrew Wayland Dunbrody Archers.

Hello everybody,
I am Fred and a newcomer to archery. Littlewood's match on Sunday 1 april was my 7th time shooting in the woods(as i call it ) and my 3rd match already. I really did like it and enjoyed the company and the whole atmosphere It was very enjoyable and the organisation was perfect.
I had a very difficult in the first half trying to shoot, as I am a serious shooter and always try to the best I can, but its not easy with two lovely talking/joking women behind you. But that's what it is all about I think.
It's a good excecise anyway. Everybody should enjoy themselves in their own way . When Don instructed me the first time outside he never told me that for some matches you have to do physical excercises to be able to go around all the targets. That's one lesson I learned in Littlewood. I also learned not to listen to other people . I shot an arrow after I was told I missed and walked back to the peg. As I was not sure I did that and got a few undeserved points more. I am a honest sportsman and want to thank whoever reported this. He/she was right to do so. As a starter you try to learn as quick as possible and listen to experienced shooters and think they're always right . I am still trying to find my stance in the mud and tune my eyes to get the distance right and searching the internet for those compound arrows that fly completely straight to the target and almost seem to go through it.
All praise for everybody from Littlewoods and IFAF and all archers for a nice day and I am looking foreward to the next match.
P.S. - If anybody thinks I don't deserve my medal for 3rd (there must have been only 3 people in my compound style) I will be very glad to give it back.
Fred, Loughcrew

To all at Littlewoods... Thank you for putting together such an interesting and diverse hybrid SBG. Extra kudos, too, for arranging to keep the rain away and the sun out throughout the day. A dry Littlewoods is a big treat!
I thoroughly enjoyed working my way around the course with one of the easiest-going groups who, despite their style differences, really kept the pressure on to make the best of each and every shot. I've already checked the calendar and can't wait for the next jaunt up in August for more of the same!!
Lynn, Dunbrody Archers

Some Fun in The Sun !
This was my first shoot in a while and I have to say I enjoyed it (BIG TIME)
Its always a pleasure to come and shoot with the gang in Littlewood. Great course with plenty of tricky shots to keep us awake and make us think.
Thank you to Lynn, Elaine and Keith for a nice relaxing days shooting (even though one spat their Dummy out when they missed the target) A very funny moment that is still making me smile! Great jokes and plenty of banter made the day fly by so quick it left me wanting to go around again.
A BIG (THANK YOU) to all the gang in Littlewood for a splendid day out with a great atmosphere and lots of happy faces.
Whatever you have in Littlewood you should bottle it. A Great day to remember!!!!!
Eric (IAC)




Photos by Xavier L, Adrian T, Seamus R and Don P

. . . and the DUAL ! (they both missed)

. . . and some prizewinners