Mayo 44 Target 3D

A really great weekend at Harry's, the weather was warm and sunny and the camping was the best night ever ! Harry as always put on a great shoot.
I shot with Don P, James Gaynor and a new lad Aaron. James shot really well with his new arrows and really enjoyed the course. Aaron shot like an expert, he has only been shooting for 3-4 weeks and is a natural. Not only did he win a 1st place but also " The Fairy Challenge !" You must ask Don P !
Well done Harry, Cornelia and all at Mayo and good luck with next Sunday
Andy Vagg

Mayo ... wow! What a course! A tour de force from Harry and the Mayo gang. Definitely one of the most enjoyable shoots we have had the pleasure of attending.
Shots were challenging but fair to both right and left-handed archers and to all styles. The variety in terms of distance, 3Ds, light and shade, angles etc was staggering.
The rules were novel, but most enjoyable and struck just the right balance in terms of keeping everyone moving without piling too much pressure on any one shot.
Perhaps best of all was the introduction of a tactical element that I had not encountered before – to shoot the big turkey and pick up an almost certain 10 points or take on the riskier shot at the skinny one with a larger kill? The long stag or the shorter but smaller fawn? The target in the light or the closer one in the shade. Brilliant.
We had worried about the distance from Wexford to Mayo, but the long trip home doesn’t seem quite so long when you have had such an enjoyable day. Thanks to James and little Alfie who were great shooting companions. Both Adam and I hope that we will have the pleasure of shooting with you again soon. Sarah tells me that she had great fun shooting with Tina as well. If only we could go to Mayo every weekend!
Adrian T



Photos by Harry H and Don P