Blue Arrows Trad Shoot

What a great course, well done to Ger and John and all at Blue Arrows.
Some very well placed targets and the hessian faces were a nice change. Looking forward to the next shoot from the lads.
Stephen Clarke , Dunbrody Archers

Thanks to Ger, John and all at Blue Arrows for their hospitality on Sunday and for laying on a great shoot.
The target faces were terrific Ė far superior to the modern paper faces. No problems pulling arrows out and no difficulty in establishing exactly what part of the animal was inside the score line. I canít wait for the 3D shoot that Blue Arrows are planning.
Thanks also to my shooting partners, James and Sam, who brought bucket-loads of enthusiasm, barrels of laughs and no little amount of skill out on to the course with them.
Adrian T

Many thanks to Ger and John who put up with me from Saturday afternoon until Sunday night, fed me royally and gave me a kip chamber.
The shoot was just great, particularly as the forecast downpour never materialised until well after the event.
The wind was a bit ferocious, so much so I had to keep adjusting the windage of my telescopic electronic laser-guided sights!
Soup, rolls, cakes and coffee kept our group so occupied we were last in. For me, this was a first. Is this a record?
Don P

Spot on!! Blue Arrows.
This was my first Trad shoot and a long awaited chance to shoot in Blue Arrows.
The shoot was a pleasure to be part of and the course (small as it was ) offered many challenges both optical and physical. Each shot was placed and framed perfectly to trick and deceive you - definitely set out by seasoned archers who knew how to put on a challenging shoot.
The Hessian targets have to be for me the highlight of the Day. I have never seen or even thought that a 2d target could look almost like a 3d. With the same scoring area as a 3d it made the shoot very fair for all. Beautiful targets( I have my order in for the Club already.) This shoot will be one to remember and reminded me what IFAF used to be like in the past. Great Hospitality, friendly faces and lots of banter. Shooting with the 2 Dons was a pleasure on Sunday it was a laugh a minute and a most out. A Big THANK YOU to all in Blue Arrows I will be first in the queue for your next shoot whatever it might be.
Eric. (IAC)



Photos by Adrian T and John O'R