Carrowmore 20 x 2 3D Big Game

Well done to Alan and crew from Carrowmore,
It was perfect, well laid out but took me a while to warm up to the shots.
Thanks to the company, Pat Eimhin and Roy. It was a pleasure to shoot with you.
The windy weather didn't help. Had to shoot two foot in front of the deer, and the wind did the rest for me. Ask Pat !
Thanks a million for a great day out; well worth it.
Sean and Thomas Crowe

Well, Carrowmore did it again.
A great course and a hurricane ! It was worth the trip to see arrows travelling sideways ! The lads in the club as always put a great deal of effort into the shoot and I think that all would agree that we all enjoyed it.
A special well done to the banjo playing Mark Ivory for entertaining us and shooting a FLAT BOW !
Andy Vagg

It's a Godsend that the ferocious wind was not accompanied by sideways rain. My poor wooden arrows with their big feather fletches were blowing all over the place, and a most of my shots that hit the target did so by sheer luck. A number of fallen trees lying around were a bit disconcerting as was leafy twigs waving about requiring a keen sense of timing. Quite an adventure !
How great it was to return to the calm and warmth of Carrowmore's really fantastic hospitality suite to recover from the buffeting.
In spite of the weather 'twas a great shoot - well done Carrowmore.
Don P



Photos by Don P

  Short video - "Getting blown about"