IFAF Championship

28th & 29th July

I would like to thank everyone who shot at the national championships at the weekend.
It was great to see so many people enjoying themselves, both days.
I would also like to thank everyone who helped with setting the course. Dianes husband Ivan, for getting the digger and making the camping and marquee area. Mary for feeding all the hungry archers, Catherine for bringing the buns, Allens for providing the pizzas, Dave Sinnott for our lovely toilets.
If there's anyone I've forgotten, sorry and thank you. Look forward to seeing everyone at future shoots.
Martin Moylan. Chairman, Dunbrody Archers.

The Icing on the cake!!!!!!
Well done to all who took part in the IFAF champs hosted by Dunbrody Archery Club. A tough and challenging shoot with two very different course. Anyone who won their sections, truly deserved the title and the award.
What a fantastic crowd turned up to test themselves against the evil mind and devious shot choices made by Mark and the team. A lot of Father Ted moments were had by most archers including myself (was it a big target far away or a small one close up?) I still haven't worked it out! Mark, you melted my brain but to be honest I enjoyed every minute of it - a rollercoaster of emotions.(torture when you just missed outside the line and delight when you got a score)
Congratulation to the people who put together the base camp. You name it, it was there and boy, did we get fed like Kings and Queens. Burgers & Sausages everywhere and lots of things to drink. Deserts and Buns every type and even more to drink, Yum yum!!!!!!!
To be honest it was a fitting end to a challenging year and a fitting tribute to all IFAF members who had the pleasure of being there. A job well done by all who made this event such a success and I hope I speak most people when I say "It was the icing on the cake" THANK YOU!!!!!!!
Eric / IAC

Had a fab weekend, Great fun, Great friends, Great food, Great shooting. Lovely to see all the kids enjoy themselves. Archery as should be. Most enjoyable two days shooting with nice people. Thanks to the groups I was with, love shooting with you Helen again. Thanks Mark for all the tricky shots. It's going to be hard to beat that for next year!!! I think Mary Sausages(that's her new name) should come with us for every shoot
Diane C, Dunbrody



Photos by Don P & Brendan O'Callaghan