Aos Dana Fun Shoot

5th August

Aos Dána would like to thank everyone for attending our first shoot. We know many of you travelled and we appreciate everyone's support.
We had a bit of a giggle setting out the course and it was great to hear the distant laughter of archers as we sat in base camp. We would like to thank those archers which allowed Lauren to draw caricatures of them and then let others shoot them. It shows what a great sense of humour they have.
We would like to thank Dunbrody Archers. They offered us the use of their woods, butts, pegs and 3Ds. We simply couldn't have done it without their help. We really appreciate their generous spirit and support. We would like to thank David Sinnott for providing us with the fancy loo and Brendans' Senior & Junior for putting in long days to get the course ready. We were delighted with the large turnout considering the forecast was thunder and lighting. We would like to thank the sun for proving the forecasters wrong. It was a beautiful day, with a light hearted atmosphere. Everybody embraced the day in the spirit that was intended. Fun!
Therese, Maureen & Don B

Oh dear! It started raining. But only at the very end of the shoot. I think we had some great luck with the weather 'cos on my way home it absolutely chucked it down.
The crew at Aos Dana did a great job with the targets - decorating some of the 3Ds and presenting some strategy with the funny pictures. What to shoot at? Will it give a plus or minus score? What will they do for the second round? Anyway, if the score was rubbish, what did it matter? The aim of the game was to have some fun, which we all did to excess.
Great day out - well worth the long drive.
Thanks guys and gals for a super shoot
Don P, Loughcrew



Photos by Maureen, Therese K and Don P