Loughcrew Archers Fun Shoot

9th September

Loughcrew did it again!!!
What can I say about this one. It was a fantastic shoot put together by people who can think outside the box. You have set the standard so high with this one I would be surprised if it can be topped by the end of the year.
Hidden targets, spinning targets, trick targets - the list is endless. A big thank you to Willie Carr who had the patience to stand all day and operate the flying pig for us (we want one too!). For me it was the shot of the day.
Thank you to Don and the crew for putting on a great event with lots of tea and coffee with a great atmosphere and fantastic weather.
Thanks to Martin for making the trophies mine has already found a spot for all to see.
A job well done and a great day out! Loughcrew did it again!!!!
Eric IAC

OK, now we know.... Pigs can fly!!!! ... In all honesty, this was one of the most enjoyable shoots Gabi and myself had the pleasure to attend. The creativity and imagination used on all the targets on the Variety Round was sheer unbelievable. The 2-arrow Big Game round was also very enjoyable with tricky targets but never unfair and if you missed... your own fault :-)
We had a lots of fun this day, not only thanks to Heather but also that the whole day was well thought out. The craic was mighty... We need MUCH more of this type of shoots... it beats shooting black and white circles flat out :-)
Thanks again for a fantastic day to all in Loughcrew from
Gabi & Alex (IAC)



Photos by Annie Fouinat, Seamus Reilly and Don P

Willie & Martin's zip line