Dunbrody 3D + Paper SBG

7th October

Just What The Doctor Ordered !
Hats off to Dunbrody for giving us all a great day out on Sunday.
The first SBG in a long time and it was worth the wait. A splendid course not too hard on the legs with plenty of new shots popping up all over the place. Well done to Helen and Mark for thinking outside the box on this one, keep up the good work and who knows what will face us on the next one.(Can't Wait)
A brilliant atmosphere with plenty of chat and banter all day. it was great to catch up with "everyone" .
Thank you to Mary for feeding us all, those buns and treats were lovely.
Lastly thank you to David, Craig and Nerissa for the great company and chat it made the day for me "Great Group" and a pleasure to shoot with.
A great day out and one to remember apart from the (spider target I blanked! )
Brilliant day out. (Just What The Doctor Ordered !) Thank you!
Eric / IAC.

A bit thank you to everyone involved with putting on the shoot on Sunday. The courses were tough, as intended, and great to shoot because of it. Everything from start to finish ran smoothly (every club should have a "Head Marshal"!!) and it was just nice to see and chat to a group ahead or behind, every now and then, as we made our way around.
A final thanks for the Dunbrody 'extras' - Mr Kipling, eat your heart out! - and to my group, nice shooting with ya's all.
Lynn - Na Laoch Dall




Photos from Mark Daly

Photos from Lynn E    HERE