IFAF membership and Training

Any competitors entering shoots may be checked for membership before they shoot
It will be quickest for you to show a valid membership card if you have it with you.

Click   HERE   for the most up-to-date membership list.

Click   HERE for application to be a recognised IFAF Instructor.

All annual fees should be paid before August.
These are the rates
Beavers are less then 9 years old. Cubs are less than 13 years old. Juniors are less than 17 years old.
NOTE: Whilst the Adult category applies to those aged 17 and over applicants under 18 must use the 'Under 18's' application form for Data Protection purposes.

Full Year Half Year (New members only)
Adult (17+)
Jun/Cub/Beaver (16 & under)

Membership of IFAF is on an individual basis, not necessarily through being a club member.

New Members
Before being accepted, any new member must submit a training schedule initialed by themselves and their trainer.
Joining after January 31st pay the half fee.
Joining during June or July shall pay, if they wish, the full fee, which shall last until July 31st of the following year.

Will instructors please make sure that training forms are fully completed, including the medical section being signed, before sending them otherwise they will be sent back incurring extra cost and delay.

New Members' aged 18+ must use the ADULT application form and training schedule  HERE  

New Members' aged 17 and under must use the UNDER 18's application form and training schedule  HERE  
Appendix to the Training Schedule with reminders of all points to be covered in Section 17 of the Schedule    HERE

The cover for this is   HERE  
Instructor's notes are   HERE  

Current or Lapsed members pay the full fee at whatever time they re-join.
Those 18+ should fill out the   ADULT Renewal Form, those 17 and under need to fill out the   UNDER 18's Renewal Form whilst those appling for a Household renewal should fill out the   FAMILY Renewal Form, so that we can keep your details up to date
Other Associations
New members belonging to or recently belonging to other recognised archery associations.
Applicants aged 18+ must fill in the   ADULT FORM
Applicants aged 17 and under must fill in the    UNDER 18's FORM
The completed form(s) should be sent to the Treasurer with the appropriate remittance.
Appication Submissions
Effective March 2014 - Membership applications should be sent to the TREASURER for processing of payment. Once the financial administration has been completed the Membership Secretary will complete the application and issue IFAF Membership Card(s). Alternatively a club official could collect and send applications and fees for their members.
You may not pay the membership secretary at a shoot

ONLY CHEQUES/DRAFTS ACCEPTED. Payment should be made out to "I.F.A.F. Ltd".