2014 CALENDAR 

In the case where an alteration, addition or cancellation to the calendar is required, please MAIL the Secretary.

In preparation for EBHC & UKIFAC, two IFAA Classification shoots are being held by Warbow on 22-23 Mar & 3-4 May. In order to attain a Classification one of each round must be shot within a 12 month period. IFAF Classification Cards will be issued to IFAF members & validated on the same day by the shoot co-ordinator. Archers from other associations can have their scores validated on their own associations' Classification Card by the shoot co-ordinator.

Shoot Calendar - Changes for 2014

  1. Clubs can apply for one shoot per quarter (Q1, Q2, Q3 & Q4). Each shoot regardless of whether it is a 1 or 2 day event will be considered as one shoot allocation for that quarter.
  2. If specific date(s) are required please state them in the application; every effort will be made to accommodate the shoot date requested. Where there's a conflict the first submission will receive preference. Where a specific date has not been requested a calendar slot will simply be allocated.
  3. The calendar will not be specifically broken out into 'weekend on' / 'weekend off' slots. This may result in shoots being held on consecutive weekends.
  4. Clubs who host an IFAF Championship or other sanctioned IFAF event will not have that event counted as one of their allocated 'calendar' shoots.

IFAF National Championship - Changes for 2014

There will be 4 stand-alone Championships along with a single 2-day IFAF Championships weekend. The Champ's can use any of the following IFAA rounds:
  1. Field (face with a black spot, a white inner ring and black outer ring)
  2. Hunter (face is all black with white spot)
  3. Animal Round Marked Distance (Either paper faces or 3-D targets shall be used. The two types shall not be mixed on the same range. Animal faces with higher and lower scoring area.)
  4. Animal Round unmarked (Targets shall be as the Animal Round marked distances targets)
  5. IFAA 3-D Hunting Round (1 Arrow, 3D targets)
  6. IFAA 3-D Standard Round (2 Arrows, 3D targets)
  7. International Round (20 target round using Hunter faces. 3 arrows. Scoring 5 - 1 from spot)
  8. Expert Field Round (Field face with scoring as 5 - 1 from spot)

  IFAA's Archers Handbook (2013) For full details of each round refer to the Handbook, pages 14-20
Other notes:
Please specify which round(s) will be ran in the application to host a Championship and also the date, if specific date(s) required.
IFAF will provide the medals and the club can retain any proceeds.
Guests shooting at any championship event cannot win a National Title or a perpetual trophy should there be one for their style.