Special features, including articles and news about IFAF, its members and other archery related topics can be found on this page.

IFAA EU-Delegates Meeting 2019 – Report: In March, IFAA EU-Delegates met in Warsaw. This report details the main topics covered at that meeting.

IMM 2019: A summary of the final results from the IFAA’s 2019 Indoor Mail Match. This year saw the largest number of entries from IFAF with 15 members being medalists!

JEROME DORAN – RIP: It is with heavy hearts that we mourn the passing of our fellow archer, Jer. His good company and skill on the range will be missed by all.

COMPETING ABROAD – IFAA EFAC/WFAC: A Power Point presentation giving essential information for those competing at an IFAA Field Championship tournament.

UKIFAC 2018 – Event Report: A write-up on this years’ UK and Ireland Field Archery Championships held just outside Nairn, near Inverness.

UKIFAC – A Guide to the Competition: A Power Point presentation giving essential information for those competing at UKIFAC.

EBHC 2018 VIDEO: A collection of photos from the tournament have been complied by James Moloney and and set to music to make this a video capturing the event.

EBHC 2018: Event Report: A write-up covering EBHC 2018 from start to finish with a plethora of pictures to [try and] capture a wonderful week of archery, friendship and success with six European medals won!

EBHC 2018: About EBHC’s and Team-IFAF: A basic overview of IFAA Bow-hunter tournaments, including eligibility to compete information, and a full listing of all 38 IFAF members travelling to Germany for this years’ championships.

COMPETING ABROAD – IFAA EBHC/WBHC: A Power Point presentation giving essential information for those competing at an IFAA Bowhunter tournament.

JAN 2018 – In Part 2 of Field Archery News UK. The front page is devoted to Dunbrody Archers with a great photo of members taking part in the Arrow Ceremony at Hook Head Lighthouse. The magazine also gives further information on their 100 3D shoot later in the year Page 30-31.

DEC 2017 – This month included in Field Archery News UK is a profile of our own Lynn Ellingworth. Lynn gives an in-depth interview telling us about her first encounter with Archery, how her love for the sport has grown and her many adventures and wins along the way. Page 32-35

Also included in this edition is an piece written by Andrew Wayland fondly remembering his life with his wife Sonja before she passed away suddenly earlier this year. Page 4-5

WHAT’S ON – 2017: A summary of archery competitions run outside of IFAF in 2017. It’s ideal for anyone looking to combine a holiday with archery (or vise versa!).

IFAF NEWSLETTER, Q4 2016: The final edition of the IFAF Newsletter for 2016 covers events between October and December and includes a gallery of the ‘best of’ photographs from the past year.

IFAF NEWSLETTER, Q3 2016: The second edition of the IFAF Newsletter covering events, activities and news during the months of July through to September.

IFAF NEWSLETTER, Q2 2016: The first ever IFAF Newsletter covering events, activities and news between April through June has been compiled.

UKIFAC 2016 REVIEW: A write-up about this years UK and Ireland Field Archery Championship, held in Bury St. Edmunds, by Kings Forrest Bowmen, for the EFAA.

EBHC 2016 REVIEW: A write-up about this years Bow Hunter Championships held in Saalbach-Hinterglemm, Austria, at the end of June.

IFAA FLINT ROUND EXPLAINED: An overview of and introduction to the IFAA Flint Round which  includes information on the range lay-out, shoot rotation and scoring.

THE ANTIENT SCORTON SILVER ARROW TOURNAMENT (2016): An account about this year’s trip to, and general background on, the world’s oldest recorded competitive event. Text: John Shiel. Images: Stephen Kestell, Adrian Sims & Jason Cullen.

IFAA WORLD INDOOR ARCHERY MAIL MATCH REVIEW: A twist on the usual report with information being presented as statistical analysis of the demographic of IFAF Members’ styles and divisions and overall achievement between 2010 and 2015 .

IFAA BOWHUNTER INFORMATION GUIDE: An collection of information and tips about the EBHC event to help both new and returning archers with any questions they may have.

IFAA WBHC 2015 VIDEO: A montage of photos taken during the week long event which was the World Bowhunter Championships, in Godollo, Hungary in August.

UKIFAC 2015 VIDEO A short film has been created using photographs taken at the competition held on the outskirts of Waterford.

SOUTH WEST CHALLENGE 2015 VIDEO: A short photo-video created from pictures taken during the 8-day competition held in the Devon and Somerset regions of the UK.

WIAC 2015 REPORT Review of one the IFAA’s World Indoor Archery Championships held in Pärnu, Estonia, 18-21 March 2015.

IFAF 2014: A PICTORIAL REVIEW A short video created using of photographs of IFAF members participating in all kinds of shoots, all over Europe during the past 12 months.

BOWHUNTINGTEAM UNICORN 3D REPORT Review of one of Holland’s most popular competitions held in Gemert, near Eindhoven, 30-31 August 2014

IFAF EBHC 2014 REPORT Review of a week at the European Bow Hunter Championships in Confolens, in south-western France, 20-27 June.

GER SWAYNE RIP A personal, fitting tribute to a well known archer and former IFAF member.

VALLEY BOWMEN CLUB PROFILE An introduction to this new club set-up in Waterford by friends, not just archers, from the locality.

WEXFORD ARCHERY CLUB PROFILE An introduction to this new club set-up Eddie Ryan, a long time and well respected archer, in New Ross.

WIAMM 2014 REVIEW A review of the IFAA’s 2013-14 World Indoor Archery Mail Match competition.

UK & IRELAND FIELD ARCHERY CHAMPIONSHIPS (UKIFAC) 2011 A film created by HighWindMedia showcasing IFAF’s second UKIFAC event held in the grounds of Tintern Abbey, Co. Wexford.