There are basically two types of Archery


Competitors stand in a line on a flat open site such as a playing field and shoot at the same target and from the same place throughout the competition. At intervals targets can be moved, usually forwards, to vary the distances shot. Typical distances are 90, 70, 50 and 30 metres. Bows are either recurve or compound and are usually fitted with sights and other devices to aid accuracy. Targets are nearly always coloured concentric circles. Clubs are affiliated to the Archery Ireland or the Northern Ireland Archery Society. Target archery clubs in R.o.I can be found HERE 


Field Archery takes place in woodland or rough ground and there may be slopes and hollows etc. Targets are placed on a circuit in this area (called a course) and competitors move in small groups from target to target. Each target has a varying number of pegs that competitors shoot from according to the rules of the competition.

There is great variety in Field Archery.
Events may vary by -
  The location of the shoot
  The number of targets on the course
  The type of target, either circles, pictures of animals or life size models of animals
  The scoring rules and which pegs are to be used.
  The distances to the targets, which always vary from one target to the next

Basic equipment, a simple wooden flatbow and a back quiver of wooden arrows.
Although nearly every type of bow can be used, many field archers use simpler equipment than target archers, shooting one piece wooden bows and traditional longbows. Most shoot without sights, making their archery more instinctive.
A hi-tech powerful compound bow,
but without sights
Some shots are taken at quite close range (a few yards) but the faces are very small
(The face is the paper or card attached to the target)
Scoring is made according to the location of the arrow in the target
Some shoots don't use animal faces but instead score on round faces.
A small 3D target. A 3D target is, of course, more realistic, but if the archer misses it, there's no flat panel to catch the arrows!
A much bigger 3D (The deer, that is!)

Although field shooting is like "pretend" hunting, no archers ever hunt with the bow in Ireland. Furthermore it's illegal !

If you want to try out field archery, here is some information which you may find useful.

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