Welcome to IFAF: The Irish Field Archery Federation

The Irish Field Archery Federation (IFAF) was formed in 1992 and was set-up to promote the sport of Field Archery within the island of Ireland.

IFAF is affiliated to the International Field Archery Association (IFAA).The International Field Archery Association is an amateur sports association that was founded in 1970 and represents over 50,000 field archers in more than 40 member countries from all over the world.

Being a member of IFAF not only enables archers to enjoy the sport domestically but also to participate in their sport at an international level thus strengthening the ties within the ‘family of archers’ on a world wide basis.


Field archery involves shooting at targets of varying sizes at different distances usually outdoors and in woodland terrain. Field archery is a sport which can be enjoyed by all ages and members of IFAF range in ages between 6 and 75. It is popular with families as it is a hobby which the whole family can enjoy together.

Depending on the type of round being shot the targets used are either 3-dimensional foam/rubber animals or images of animals or circular targets. The number of targets on a course depends on the type of round being shot.



  • The third IFAF Newsletter and a What’s on archery guide for 2017 have been published. For details visit the “Articles” page.
  • Usage of the IFAF PRO inbox was suspended as of 14:00 on 31-Dec-16. All correspondence should be directed to the IFAF Secretary.
  • The IFAF National League 2017, will be updated with Round 1 results from Valley Bowmen shortly. For details visit the “IFAF National League” page.
  • The Registration Slip and Shoot Results paperwork has been updated. For details visit the “Documents” page.
    • The change is due to the acceptance of an AGM proposal to adopt the 2017 IFAA bow-styles into IFAF with the exception of retaining the Beaver category, to support young children entering the sport, and the IFAF Traditional Recurve Bow category to preserve IFAF’s roots (IFAF: Mediterranean loose (split fingers), wooden recurve and wooden arrows versus IFAA: Mediterranean loose (split fingers), wooden recurve and carbon arrows) the Registration Slips and Results paperwork has been updated). If you are affected be aware of the IFAF / IFAA variance.
  • The latest version of the 2016-17 Membership List has been uploaded to the website. To view go to the “Membership” page.
    • Questions about Membership applications and payments should be directed to Helen Kavanagh, the IFAF Treasurer, at ifaftreasurer@gmail.com